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Qatar supermarket Jobs: How to Get Jobs 2020

There is the Arabian Peninsula in the northeast part of Africa on the Arabian Plate. Arabian Peninsula consists of seven countries. The seven nations are Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arabian state, Yemen state and Oman. Qatar is an economically healthy kingdom in the universe. Qatar is located in the westernmost subregion of Asia. The capital city of Qatar is Doha where there is high population rate in comparison of others. Qatar is also one of the safest nations in the universe where an individual can work and live peacefully. Qatar gains its popularity by establishing various industries in the world. The top growing industries in Qatar are Gas, oil, financial, commercial, hospitality, tourism, retail, agriculture, fertilizer and petrochemical industry. The industries have high demands of the resources like human resources, material resources and budget. They also engage in providing various employment opportunities to the individual.


Some of the job opportunities provided by the industries of Qatar are as follows:

Industrial sector

Job title

Healthcare Sector


  • General Surgeon
  • Physician
  • General Practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Registered Nurse

Engineering Sector


  • Project Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Architect
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Oil/Gas Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Telecom Engineer

Technician Sector


  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Instrument Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Lab Technician
  • Electrician
  • Technical Draughtsman
  • HVAC Technician
  • Quality Inspector
  • Electrical/Electronics Technician
  • Telecom Technician

Information and Technology Sector


  • IT Consultant
  • IT Manager
  • Security Specialist
  • Network Specialist
  • IT Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Developers and Programmers
  • Web Developer
  • Help Desk Support

Finance Sector


  • Finance Manager
  • Bank Branch Manager
  • Accountant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Cashier

Marketing Sector


  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing Coordinator

Hospitality Sector


  • Hotel Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Housekeeping
  • Chef
  • Waiter
  • Kitchen Staff


Grocery clerk is also the top industries who offer supermarket job in Qatar. Grocery clerk is also named as Supermarket Clerk where they engage in handling grocery store. Some of the good supermarket clerks in Qatar are Sahara supermarket, Mega supermarket, Kabayan supermarket, New Indian supermarket, Carrer supermarket. They hire qualified job seeker for the supermarket job in Qatar to run their industries smoothly and effectively. Meanwhile, Individual can get a supermarket job in Qatar in this supermarket clerk.

How to Find Qatar Supermarket Jobs

As you know, finding a supermarket job in Qatar is even harder than getting a job. There are always greater numbers of applicants for the job. However, there are plenty of employment vacancies in the industries but it seems lesser in comparison to the number of applicants. Finding a supermarket job in Qatar seems easy but finding the right job for an individual seems hard. So, finding the perfect and right supermarket job is essential as per your skills and abilities. The lists below are some of the methods to search the supermarket job in Qatar as per our capability:

  1. Be clear about why are you searching for a job.

 Before finding the supermarket job in Qatar determines why are you searching for a supermarket job. Give some time and ask yourself why you decide to find the supermarket job in Qatar. Are you really inspired to do a supermarket job or just you need money. Do I have a better career path at this? Make sure that you are really passionate about the supermarket job and go with the other steps.


  1. Understand your job titles and descriptions.

There are different job title and job description in the supermarket job. As per the job title, candidates need to understand their job role and responsibilities to make a great contribution to the supermarket. Being in the certain job post what is I responsible for and what I need to do to grow the supermarket industries.

  1. Identify the skills and qualification you have for the supermarket job

Candidate needs to analyze their skills and abilities before finding any kinds of supermarket job in Qatar. If candidates determine their capability and skills then they can able to find the supermarket where they can perform effectively. When the candidate recognizes their skills and knowledge then they can able to prove themselves as qualified candidates to the hiring manager. Candidate can also add their skills in their curriculum or resume while applying for the supermarket job in Qatar.

  1. Job searches through online networking

Because of the advanced technology, it has become easy to find the supermarket job in Qatar. There are available of websites where organization used to post job title to hire a candidate they required for their organization. There are different job posting websites in Qatar like Indeed, Google for Jobs, Glassdoor, Job in Qatar,, Monster Gulf. This organization shows the various job vacancies that are opened and welcome the interested candidate to apply for the vacancy. So to find the supermarket job in Qatar, a candidate can simply go through these websites and search for a vacant post.

  1. Take some advice for the family and friends

Candidate can also find the job by taking some advice from their family and friends. Moreover, a family has already secured their career and has some experiences about the job. Take some suggestion about the way to find the supermarket job in Qatar. If they have no ideas then ask your friends. Take some advice from your friend who had already got a job in a reputed company or supermarket job in Qatar.


  1. Take help from a recruitment agency

If a candidate had no idea of finding a supermarket job in Qatar then take some help from a recruitment agency. The candidate often gets a hard time while finding the supermarket job in Qatar and delay in getting the job. Taking help from the recruitment agency helps the candidate to get the supermarket job faster. They not only help a candidate for finding a supermarket job but also guide them in preparing curriculum vitae or resume. They also supervise candidate in preparing the interview question. Qatar supermarket Jobs

  1. Conduct company research.

Make some research in the supermarket websites to find out any open job vacancy. They may have posted the job vacancy on their website if they need the employee for their organization. Get some information about supermarket like what types of a supermarket is it, what types of a candidate are they looking for. Meanwhile, look for which role and responsibilities are they expecting from the candidates.

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How to Apply Qatar Supermarket jobs career

  1. Search the supermarket job in Qatar

Before applying for a supermarket job in Qatar, a candidate needs to find a job vacancy as per their job title in supermarket organization. They can use the career website to find a supermarket job in Qatar. They can also go through the supermarket company website to know any vacancy opened for any types of the supermarket job post. Review time to time to get updated with the recent supermarket job vacancy post.

  1. Gather information about the supermarket in Qatar

After you got a supermarket where they are demanding employee, the next step is a candidate need to gather some information about the organization. Candidates engage in gathering information to understand supermarket culture, values, goals, policies and mission. The candidate will understand the types of the employee they are want to grow their organization. The candidate also gets an idea about what types of skills and experiences they need to fulfil a job description of a supermarket job.

  1. Take the advice on the recruitment agency

A recruitment agency is very essential for both the employer and the job seeker. The main aim of a recruitment agency is to provide employment to job seeker and provide a qualified candidate for the employer. Recruitment agency alerts the job seeker whenever they find the supermarket job in Qatar as per their job title. Recruitment agency also matches job seeker skills and experiences with the job description of the supermarket organization. They also engage in guiding the job seeker in the curriculum formatting and with interview question.

  1. Tailor resume or curriculum vitae with a supermarket job description

Curriculum plays an inevitable role while applying for the job. Each candidate has to prepare curriculum vitae to provide information about their skills, qualification and experiences in supermarket profession. Candidate compulsory need to include previous job experiences if they have. Jobseeker should give more focus in curriculum vitae. Because it gives proof to the employer that you are an excellent candidate for a supermarket job.

  1. Applying supermarket job In-person

Candidate can also visit the supermarket where there is a requirement of the employee. Jobseeker can visit the supermarket with the appropriate outlet and meet the manager. Greet the manager and talk with a smile on a face. Make a request to meet the manager and give your short introduction to the manager. Provide the manager with your curriculum vitae and the entire career-related document. Thanks to the manager for giving some time and say that you are eagerly waiting to work with them.

  1. Follow up

Follow up is a significant process. If you neglect the follow-up, a job seeker might miss the supermarket job post. Follow up-to determine whether you are selected or not. If not selected then take some feedback why am I not qualified for this post. Candidate can visit the supermarket to follow up and ask the manager about the selection. Follow up reflects that job seeker is interested in the supermarket job in Qatar.

How to apply for Supermarket Job from Online

Technology has made great changes in every aspect of our life. Technology has made our work easier as we can do anything through online like order clothes, pay our cash. Same goes for the job, technologies had made possible to apply for the supermarket job from the online. It has many advantages for the job seeker as they save their time by applying from the online. They save you from the paperwork as you don’t need to submit the document. The following are the way to apply for a supermarket job from the online:

  1. Understand the job description thoroughly to determine you’re qualified for the post

Read the job description more than once to understand what types of employee they want for the supermarket. Compare your expertise and qualification with the job specification to find out your eligibility for the supermarket job post. List some of the important keywords that the hiring manager want to see in your resume or curriculum vitae. Meanwhile, include the keyword in your biodata to make a good impression of the hiring manager.

  1. Examine the application demands of the hiring manager

Candidate needs to examine the application properly when they are using employment websites. Employer websites provide candidates with clear instruction explaining what to send and where to send the documents for applying for the supermarket job. Sometimes, the candidate neglects the instruction and loss the job opportunities. They are instructed to send a document like curriculum vitae to the interviewer but they send a document to another person instead of interviewer. Examine application form to know what they are asking for to make sure you send a right document as per their demands.

  1. Fill up every information on the application that they are asking for

The online application form asked the applicant to fill some of the information about the applicant. The information includes applicant personal information, educational information, career and experiences information. This information makes the hiring manager easy to assess the quality and eligibility of the applicant for a supermarket job post. The application form also demands applicants’ skills, abilities or achievement in the previous supermarket job. Carefully fill the application form with the relevant information. Fill the application form in such a manner that perfectly fit you for the supermarket job post. Qatar supermarket Jobs

  1. Send your biodata and application letter, if requested by the hiring manager

Majority of the employer always wants you to include your application letter and biodata in this application form. As applicant know that application letter and biodata speaks a lot about their eligibility and quality. Therefore, check the application form carefully whether they are asking you to upload your application letter and biodata or not. If you see the uploaded word then tap on the upload button and select your resume and cover letter. Make sure your resume and cover letter uploaded completely before sending your application form. Recheck the document you send to make sure you upload the right document in the application form. Qatar supermarket Jobs

  1. Double-check your application for error-free application

This is very important steps while applying for a job from the online. This step is neglected by most of the applicant. A mistake is very common in the online application form. If an applicant makes a mistake then the hiring manager thinks the applicant is not serious about the job. Neglecting this step keeps the applicant far from getting the supermarket job. Therefore, go through all the information that you have fill in the application form. Check it properly to make the information error or mistake-free. Immediately correct your information if you had made a mistake previously. Check the spelling, grammar and uploaded document to avoid mistakes in the application form. Finally, applicant documents are ready to send to the hiring manager.

  1. Submit your application through online

After rechecking applicant document, the final step is to submit the document to the hiring manager. Now, scroll down then you see a button named submit. You see submit button on the bottom of the screen. Send the job application form by clicking the submit button. Then it will be sent to the hiring manager. After you tap the send button, you are not able to correct the job application form. Qatar supermarket Jobs

Selection Criteria and Documents

  1. Application

Candidates fill up the job application form which was posted on the online by the hiring manager. Candidate should follow the instruction while filling the job application form for the supermarket job in Qatar. They are asked to fill their personal information, education and career background and experiences. The hiring manager also asked them to upload their application letter and biodata which is needed to choose an applicant for a job. After the applicant submits the job application form, hiring manager starts the selection process.

  1. Screening or shortlisting the applicant

A hiring manager has many application forms of the interested applicant who had applied for the supermarket job in Qatar. Supermarket Hiring manager observes the application form of the applicant to shortlist the applicant for the further selection process. Hiring manager compares the application biodata and application letter with a supermarket job description. They unqualified the applicant who is not relevant for the supermarket job in Qatar. Qatar supermarket Jobs

  1. Examine the resume and cover letter

This step has a major role in the selection process. Hiring manager analyzes the resume and cover letter of the applicant. They look for educational information, qualification, experiences and skills of the applicant which satisfy the need for a supermarket job post. The hiring manager should always focus on the job description of the supermarket job in Qatar while selecting the applicant. The hiring manager also gives priority to the applicant who has previous job experience in the supermarket job in Qatar. The hiring manager also observes any achievement of the applicant in their previous job to choose the best applicant for a supermarket job. After examining the resume and cover letter of the applicant, they had differentiated shortlisted qualified applicant from the irrelevant candidate.

  1. Telephone or video screening

After screening the resume and cover letter, the hiring manager calls the applicant and have some conversation. They contact the shortlisted applicant either for the phone call or from the video call. Hiring manager examines the applicant from the phone call or from a video call. They find out applicant interested, activeness and availability in the supermarket job post. They also make the quick screening of applicant attitude, communication skill, behaviour and ability to answer a question asked by the hiring manager. After telephone or video screening, the hiring manager should purify the applicant and responsible to make shortlisted for the next selection process.

  1. Identifying best applicant through assessment test

An assessment test is also important to identify the best and qualified applicant for the supermarket job post. Written test, practical test, test audition are some of the examples of the assessment test. The main aim of the assessment test is to make a comparison between applicants to select the best candidate for a job interview. Comparison is based on the applicants’ skills, education, experiences, aptitude and personality. A hiring manager needs to prepare a shortlisted applicant for the last selection process of a job interview.

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  1. Job interview

A job interview is the final selection process. A job interview is the most essential process where applicants are provided with the opportunities to prove their eligibility. Hiring manager prepare job interview question to know their interest and their quality which will be beneficial for supermarket organization. There are different types of job interview question like situational, behavioural and personal. These types of job interview questions help the hiring supervisor to select the right applicant for the supermarket job post. Now, Hiring manager selects the most eligible applicant for a supermarket job who help them in the growth and development of supermarket organization. Qatar supermarket Jobs

  1. Job offer

A job offer is the last process of the selection criteria. A hiring manager is responsible to send the job offer to the applicant. Now, applicants decide whether they join the supermarket job or not.

 The lists below are the document needed for the supermarket job in Qatar:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Experiences letter
  • Educational certificate
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Reference list
  • Transcript
  • Portfolio

List Supermarket Jobs (15 Position)


Role and responsibility

Supermarket Cashiers

Responsible in collecting payment and maintain the transaction of the supermarket.

Supermarket Managers

Responsible in handling inventories, budget, analyzing sales performance, order products and hire the staff

Customer service assistance

Responsible to help the customer find the foods as per their requirement

Store manager

Responsible to manage the activities of the store

Stock clerk

Responsible to manage stock shelves, ordering and restoring stock

Sales executive

Responsible to handle sales for Supermarkets

Admin assistance

Responsible to assist customers to get appropriate products


Responsible to perform stockouts, organizing the shelf, setting up displays, and setting up the price and promotional signs

Associate Operations Manager

Responsible to manage the operational aspects of the supermarket


 Responsible to oversee a team of staff members within a supermarket

Team leader

Responsible to manage the staff and ensure the product is available for the customer


responsible to clean, mop the duct of the supermarket

sales assistants

Responsible to assist customers with purchases

Store supervisor

Responsible to supervise the inventory products


Responsible to transport goods and products to supermarket


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