Oil And Gas Companies In Saudi Arabia

Oil And Gas Companies In Saudi Arabia

Central Eastern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia balances the Arabian Peninsula. It is sharing its border with Jordan, Kuwait, and Iraq in the north, Oman, and Yemen in the south. Speaking about the area, it holds 14th rank in the globe. Its area is about two million square kilometres, making it the second-largest OPEC Member Country. The nation holds a population of over 33 million, more comprehensive than seven million people settled in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia owns about 18 per cent of the world’s proven oil resources also stands as the biggest exporter of petroleum. The oil and gas division accounts for nearly 50 per cent of the total internal product, and almost 70 per cent of trading incomes. Aside from petroleum, the Kingdom’s other physical resources cover natural gas, metal ore. The currency is riyal.  Saudi Arabia is also renowned for its large oil and gas companies. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest company in the sector of oil and gas production. The oil and gas companies in Saudi Arabia are blessing the people of Saudi Arabia with employment. It offers millions of foreign workers in these companies for work. The gas and petroleum industry in Saudi Arabia is employing millions of workers from hundreds of countries.

Let’s know about Saudi Aramco pt. Ltd.

Saudi Aramco is the name of the central governmental oil company of Saudi Arabia. Thinking about the revenue, it’s one of the great companies of the planet. In the basis of different papers and news its able to establish its name in one of the most profitable companies in the world.it consists of the second-largest proven raw oil reserves in the earth, which values around three hundred billion barrels, and covers the most significant oil production of all oil-producing companies. The Saudi Aramco was established about nine decades ago. Checking the recent data, you may get shocked by knowing its employee numbers; it’s 76000. The company is managed by the Saudi Arabian government. By analyzing the above facts. We together can guess the opportunity of jobs in the sectors of oil and gas industries in Saudi Arabia.

The various branches, sectors, and dependent industries of Saudi Aramco have the hundred thousand of a job vacancy if you are interested in learning about the gas and petroleum industries in Saudi Arabia. The significant companies of oil and gas in Saudi Arabia or under the Saudi Aramco pt. Ltd. is listed below with a short description.

Radian oil and gas services

Radian oil and gas services are well-known for technologies that help customers save energy and increase the performance of saving fuel and fame. It also plays a vital role in conserving water electricity. The worthiest activity of the company is its efforts towards reducing the emission of CO2. The company publishes vacancies frequently. It offers the unique technology to meet its goal in the sector of saving the fuel and environment, for example, spray type mono tank design deaerators, revolutionary modular and most ultra-efficient cooling tower with fewer chemical uses, plant for centralized water handling and so on.

How To Find Oil Gas Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Al Masaood oil and gas

Ai Masaood oil and gas is a multinational company established in 1971. it’s one of the oldest oil and gas contractors and suppliers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and many more gulf countries. Ai Masaood oil and gas is the independent member of AI Masood group. It holds the experience of more than 49 years of expertise in upstream and downstream work and 900 headcounts workforce. The organization gives advanced energy services through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. The headquarters of the company is located in Dubai. The release of job vacancies frequently by the company can be observed.

Company of Kafou technical services PVT ltd.

Kafou, technical services company, limited commonly known as KTS, is known for its professional services in Saudi Arabia. It serves its technology for brands like turbo care, Westinghouse, steam turbines, and so on. The company manufactured the energy-related various part with excellence and repair of components, overhauling of rotors, and field services.  The company can provide a Turbo care range of services with its facilities in Italy, Poland, and the USA. It covers not only Gas Turbines but also steam turbines, dynamos, compressors, etc. is placed in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  Kafou Group was founded in 1983, in Riyadh. With the growing need for power services in the governmental and non-governmental areas, the organization started with electromechanical projects’ plan, operation, and maintenance.

Kafou developed essential partnerships with top-ranking German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese companies in the fields of electricity, power, water processing, and petrochemicals.

Saudi petro gas company

Saudi Petro Gas Company, commonly known as SPGC, is based in Dhahran. The Eastern Area and serve a broad range of support to the gas & oil area in Saudi Arabia. SPGC provides Engineering and Build Related Services, Oil Field Products, and Services, IT & Telecommunications, as well as Safety Products and Services. Customers are considered a business mate. SPGC works continuously to help upgrade a customer’s performance by giving an innovative product. SPGC is committed to conducting business on an excellent financial and moral status according to better practice principles and in accord with national and international guidelines of integrity and direction. The company has 100s of employees around the globe.

QTech Saudi Arabia

Technology Precision and Quality Saudi Contracting Company is generally known as QTECH. The company was born in the Eastern Province of the nation to give asset integrity and inspection support services to Saudi Arabia and GCC customers. The company offers a complete package of Advanced (ToFD, PA UT, ET/RFT, LRUT, MFL, Tank Inspection) and Conventional NDT (PT, MPT, RT, UT, HT, PMI, HT) using the latest and updated devices and technologies. All device Are Saudi Aramco has proven and clients’ standards compatible. Our commitment is to save client investments and ensure that the contractors and suppliers meet their expectations with the least risk.

Bakri international energy company limited

Bakri international energy company is a private company in Saudi Arabia. the company is half is about half-century old. The company’s main sectors of services are the distribution of oil and gas. The company also focuses on the storage of crude oil. The company mainly distributes the oil of crafts, jets, and so on. The company is located in the Makkah region. The companies have hundreds of employees from all around the world.

Haji Abdullah Alireza & Company Ltd.

Haji Abdullah Alireza and the company was established in 1845. The company is private, and the company’s significant areas are the distribution of petroleum items and lubricants, including oceanic fuels, diesel, waxes and packaging products, plastic closures, and bottles. The company also works on the installation and maintenance of telecommunications devices and for the distribution of jewellery. It provides water transportation of oil along with oil products. It offers travel companies, local truck transportation, and water desalination services. Its next field is oil mingling along with producing packaging products, lubricants, greases, fuel oils, diesel, and other related products the company handles management of power generation and water plants. The company consists of 500 employees around the globe.

Petromin Corporation

Petromin corporation is a private company that deals with the production of petroleum products, including greases, gasoline, diesel, industrial, marine oil, and lubricants. The company is well known for its splendid automobile repair and maintenance services. The company was established in 1968 in Saudi Arabia. The company is giving employment to 3000 workers form a foreign nation and native land. And uplift their lifestyle.

Gas Arabian Services Company Limited

Gas Arabian Service company is also known as GAS. The company is a private company established in 1992. The primary activities of the company are the manufacture of seals, gaskets, and control panels. GAS provides repair and maintenance services. It also provides the installation of a thermal mass flow meter. The company also manufactures the flow switches and flow conditioners. GAS offers engineering consultancy services and distributes of fibre optic cables, telecommunication cables, copper cable. The company gives analysis services for non-destructive testing, inspection, and metallurgical testing.  Five hundred employees from different parts of the earth are exchanging their skills with a salary in this company. Observing the record, the company frequently release the notice of vacancy for various posts.

How To Get Oil Gas Jobs In Saudi Arabia

McDermott company pt. ltd.

The McDermott company has the motto “Globally Integrated, Locally Focused.”  McDermott has uplifted itself in the capabilities and knowledge to provide the world’s largest energy corporations with engineering, technology, and growth solutions for complex projects. The company takes pride in providing certainty and delivering the highest quality solutions on the list. With over a century of experience in the energy industry, the company has a path record of delivering comprehensive solutions. The company is executing plans of all ranges and sizes in more than 100 nations on all seven continents. Its prestige for success in these sectors reflects our commitment to customers and the society where it works. McDermott’s notable success begins and ends with our customers. They take pride in providing clients with end-to-end solutions. It delivers the quality, efficiency, and certainty needed to keep their businesses growing. McDermott has combined technology, engineering expertise, unmatched knowledge, and global reach to design and build a projected energy foundation.

Besides these companies, there are dozens of companies in the same field. If you have the same choirs related to the topic, we are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information in this field. For contacting us, you can go through the email and phone number provided.

List Of Oil Gas Jobs In Saudi Arabia

S.N.Job Title 
1Civil Foreman M/F
2Lead Contract Engineer
3Civil Foreman
4Interior Designer M/F
5Senior Architectural Engineer(Fit-Out)
6Senior HVAC Engineer
7Senior Project Engineer(Fit-Out)
8GIS Surveyor M/F
9GIS Surveyor
10Procurement Head
11Engineering Services Head
12Business Head
13Head Of Pipelines

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