how get canada visa

how get canada visa

Everyone wants to go to Canada. But you can’t just cross the border. You need a visa. This is the one requirement everyone is supposed to meet. But visas are not that easy to acquire. There are so many hoops for you to jump through before the country’s immigration officers can award you a work visa, a tourist visa, or whatever kind of document you require.

How Get Canada Visa?

Yes, getting a Canada visa is no joke. But it isn’t impossible. In many cases, the process involves the following:

1). You need a valid passport. This goes without saying. You cannot enter or leave a country without a passport. The same is true for Canada. You must present this document at the border. More importantly, the expiration date of the passport must exceed the duration of your stay in Canada. If you don’t have a valid passport, you should start by applying for one. The Canada visa comes after.

2). Once you have your passport, depending on your purpose in the country, Immigration officials might expect you to prove that you have the financial muscle to survive in Canada. If you are a student, present your scholarship, assuming you have one. If you have student loans upon which you can rely, present them as well.

Otherwise, a bank statement will do. There are people who are expected to open a Canadian bank account beforehand that will hold their money when they immigrate. The amount of money you must possess will depend on your objective in Canada. Students, for instance, should have enough money to pay their tuition and rent fees.

3). Every application requires passport-sized photos Make sure they are recent, taken within the last six months. Anything older might get rejected. Visit the Canadian website. It will give you the instructions you need to follow with regard to your photos.

4). If you are going to Canada to study, Immigration officials will expect you to present a letter talking about your educational objectives in Canada and why you chose to study in the country, Students must also show proof that they have been accepted at their educational institution of choice. This applies to certain immigrants that want to work. You need to present proof that you have a valid job offer in the country.

5). Every ‘How Get Canada Visa’ guide encourages you to apply for a visa on the internet. However, you can take the paper route if that is more comfortable. The Canada website has a form that you can fill out and then print. Make sure that all the sections are completed before signing and sending it.

6). You can make the necessary payments online using a credit card. The application is not free. Once the payments are processed, print out the receipts the website will send you. Attach them to your application. Make sure you include all the necessary documentation. The website will give you the address to which your application must be mailed.

Once your paperwork has been sent, you can sit back and wait. The relevant authorities will eventually reach out to you.

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