Australia visa

Australia visa

Are you thinking about traveling to Australia? You are going to require an Australia Visa. This requirement is mandatory for everyone regardless of what you wish to do in the country. Fortunately, Australia’s visas are quite wide-ranging.

These days, you can basically get an Australia visa for any purpose you have in mind. Of course, because Australia’s visas are so numerous, before you make your travel plans, it is imperative that you first identify the type of visa for which you think you qualify.

Some people think that it makes more sense to make your travel plans and then identify a visa that fits your needs. But you have to consider the possibility that your travel plans might prove to be incompatible with the visas you think you can afford.

You are better off considering the visa options available to you, selecting the ones that suit your needs best, and then making your plans accordingly. Your options typically include the following:

1). Student

This is not necessarily the first visa people think about when they are making travel plans. As its name suggests, a student visa is assigned to students. To get one, you must enroll for a course in Australia lasting at least three months.

The average student visa will encompass the duration of your coarse along with what Australian officials call vacation time which can last one or two months. People hear ‘student visa’ and immediately presume that this option is restricted to children. But that isn’t true.

Anyone can acquire a student visa regardless of their age. That being said, student visas are challenging because the criteria you are expected to meet will vary depending on your personal situation and country of origin. Before applying for this one, pay close attention to the educational requirements. On the plus side, a student visa allows your partner to accompany you to Australia. This option also permits you to pursue part-time work.

2). Tourism

As the name suggests, this Australia visa is assigned to people who want to tour the country. This is the visa you should target if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. The free version of this visa (eVisitor) lets you stay in the country for 3 months. The expensive version permits you to stay for 12 months which is amazing.

You are not allowed to work but you can study a course that fits within the duration of your tourist visa. Anyone can apply for this visa regardless of their country of origin.

3). Work and Holiday

As you probably guessed, this is one of the most popular Australia visas you can get, and for good reason. With this visa, you are essentially entering the country for holiday purposes but you are free to work and even study if you wish.

The visa gives you so many options. However, it is only limited to applicants in a select few European, North American and South American countries. Applicants can’t be younger than 18 or older than 30 and you cannot bring a partner or kids.

Basically, getting this visa is a nightmare. But the benefits are worth it. You can extend your stay to two years depending on the work you have secured.

4). Couples

This is the Australia visa you should target if you want to bring your partner with you. As its name suggests, the visa applies to couples who want to come to Australia to study and work. The requirements you must meet might actually vary for each party.

You are also expected to provide proof of your relationship. Depending on your country of origin, immigration officials might restrict entry to people who are married. This is another complicated visa that requires thorough research.

Other notable considerations include the Temporary Graduate Australia visa. This applies to people that have spent at least two years studying fields associated with jobs that Australia values. There is also the visa sponsor option which compels the country to grant you entry if a company in Australia has expressed interest in hiring you.

With the skilled visa, you must be a skilled worker specializing in areas that Australia cares about. If you are looking to enter Australia, you have plenty of visas to choose from.

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